Gralla seca de olivo

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Gralla seca de encina

Compra tu gralla de encina, con madera autóctona

Chalumeau de encina

Fabricación artesanal de instrumentos, chalumeau de la encina.

Grallas secas

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Compra tu gralla de encina, con madera autóctona
Compra tu gralla de encina, con madera autóctona

This is an ONLINE SHOP for traditional music instruments made by luthiers.
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Special Dulzaina model in collaboration with Paco Blasco


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Chinese zither: The Guzheng

Cinese zither: The Guzeheng

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About us

Culture value of a nation always is found in its traditional life. Folk music, traditional dances and street events are an important part of learning and understanding the culture of each region.

Francesc Sans Sastre, mechanical operator, fitter and designer in the beginning, starts building Catalan Wind instruments end of 1987. Actually and from 1989 on, he is recognized and highly valueted by national and international folk musicians.
In 2016 he is recognized for his professional experience and development all over 25 years, and obtains the diploma of Master Artisan from the Catalan Government.

He uses to work in close contact with musicians, in purpose to be able to fulfill the most personal needs and improvements for getting perfect quality and finishings.
Selected Mediterranean wood are used with preference for  the construction of all the instruments. This way Sans Luthier can produce instruments with a natural and full sound range, powerful and clean. Every instrument is a sigle one and finished with the precise tunig from the master.

The target of this online shop is to bring close to the people a couple of marvelous Traditional Instruments, handcrafted by international luthiers.

El trabajo de Francesc Sans

C/. Sta Magdalena, 2
17854 St. Jaume de Llierca