This pocket-clarinet, called Chalumeau, is produced in artisan quality by the luthier Frances Sans Sastre. It is available in different Mediterranean woods such like oak, boxwood, almond or olive wood. The instrument is easy to play due to its easy and very commun fingering, the German fingering. It is in the key of C and its tone range offers from C4 to D5 and  - with a little practice - from G5 to E6 in the second register. Its sound is soft and warm and with a medium volume.
This instrument is very usefull for clarinet players, students, woodwind lovers and any curious musicians of every level. It is handy, light weight and easy to carry with you to any place.
It comes in a zipper closed protection bag with a complete clarinet mouthpiece, extra reed, grease stick for the cork and fingering chart.
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