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NOVELTY!! SOMNI Handpans now available!
Professional handpans
Professional handpansSeveral scales available
Select the scale you want.
Select the scale you want.Matches to A 440 hz, treated stainless steel, perfectly tuned, quick delivery.
Gu-Zheng, traditional chinese zither
Gu-Zheng, traditional chinese zitherAmazing special instrument
Valencian Dulzaina, special model
Valencian Dulzaina, special model "Paco Blasco"New collaboration between 2 masters
Clariphones SANS even better
Clariphones SANS even betterNow with double holes for easy fingering
Wood oil SANS
Wood oil SANSWood oil SANS, for regular care of wood and woodwind instruments.
Special cane reed for Gralla of A 415 Hz
Special cane reed for Gralla of A 415 HzCheck out this one and all Gralla cane reeds we offer.
The new
The new "Guitarrón", CANIGÓ brandThe Guitarrón GT-CAN01, Traditional small 5-string guitar, has been inproved and got a new design.