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The GU-ZHENG is a traditional Chinese string instrument and belongs to the family of the zithers. It is the predecessor of several Asian instruments such as the Japanese Koto, the Korean Gayaguem or the Vietnamese Dàn Tranh. There are two schools or basic styles of execution known as the North and the South, with multiple variations and regional styles.
Unlike the Guquin, another ancient Chinese zither, the Guzheng has movable bridges and normally 21 strings, nowadays of metal encapsulated in nylon and / or wrapped. The instrument has a large resonant cavity made of wood. It is decorated with mother-of-pearl inlays.
There are a variety of techniques that are used to play the Guzheng. The basic actions of picking are (both with the right hand or with both hands) in the right area of ​​the instrument and pressing actions in the left area (with the left hand to produce tone and vibrato ornamentations) as well as tremolo (with the right hand). These techniques of playing the Guzheng allow you to create sounds that evoke the cascade of a stream, thunder, horse hooves, and country landscapes. The stippling is done mainly with the right hand with four prongs that are fixed to the fingers. Advanced musicians can use barbs on the fingers of both hands. The Guzheng pentatonic scale is tuned in Do, Re, Mi, Sun and La, but Fa and Si can also be obtained by tightening the strings on the bridges on the left side.
Supplied with strings, barbs, stools, a music sheet stand, a cleaner brush, protection cloth and a padded bag.

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