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Tarota seca
Accessories for tarotas
Accesorios Tarotas
Image: Els Berros de la Cort
The tarota is part of the family of tenor oboes, it has a conical inner hole and it is a double reed woodwind instrument. Historically it is an evolution from the European medieval Xirimita, extending its use up to traditional Catalan Music. The Tarota has a different shape and is a longer than the Gralla. Its tone is deeper, the sound is full-bodied, elegant and ceremonious. The instrument always has had its place in traditional arrangements (Cobla) with sweet shaped Grallas, Bagpipe and Flabiol. Today it is very popular for other musical styles as well. Sans Luthier's tarotas are C-, D- or F-tuned (standard tuning C) and produced in oakwood, bubinga, boxwood, olive, almond, blackwood and jujube wood, as subject to availability. On the tarota body can be mounted 1, 4, 5 or 7 keys. The octave key also can be included on each tarota like an optional addition. The instrument includes a fix brass neck (standard neck), a cane reed and a soft pouch. Anyway, there are more accessories available.
funda para tarota
Chose your adjustable neck model, cane reed, bag, hardcase, etc. from the accessory seccion.
All the manufactory production from SANS LUTHIER has its base on a careful wood selection. We prefer to use Mediterranean wood types if possible. Due to the different characteristics of each wood, the instruments can show subtile sound variations. See the list on the right for your orientation.
maderas y sus prestaciones para los instrumentos de Sans Luthier
ADVISE: Following our desire to repect the worlds' wild life and try to work in a sustainable manner, we now decided to replace tropical woods by others of National origin which guarantee not only highest quality but also sustainability. This is why we will stop progressively our production of Bubinga wood instruments, as it has been declared like protected wood by the CITES Law. Instead we recommend Oak wood as the best alternative option in quality / price relation.