Valencian Dulzaina mod. Paco Blasco (Code: 0)

Special model in Grenadillo

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The production of this Valencian Dulzaina follows the musical criteria of one of the best interpreters of the Valencian Dulzaina, Paco Blasco, who has given guidelines and safety to the work of the Master Artisan Francesc Sans, in order to jointly create this model of high musical performances.
The tuning criteria, instrument temperament, quality and richness in the harmonics, as well as the precision in the chromatic possibilities have been taken into account. The weight and balance of the instrument body have been specially worked out. The physical structure of the body has also been reinforced and a new system has been incorporated to be able to adjust the tudel with precision, allowing a regulation of the reed position to compensate and center the tuning of the instrument.
The instrument is made of grenadillo wood.
Includes a special adjustable tudel and a cloth cover. The reed is not included.

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Manufacturer: SANS
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