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The sweet shaped Galla is a traditional oboe (with cylindrical inner bore), fitted as well with double reed.
The main difference between the simple shaped and the sweet shaped Gralla is in its length (it is a bit longer), the bell is lightly curved and the inner bore is narrower, which allows a more attenuated sound with more balanced harmonics and more nuances (piano forte). The sweet shaped Gralla allowes the sensible SOL note: FA#. Two, four, fife and eight keys can be mounted to the instrument.
Standard tuning is SOL4 (LA 440 Hz o LA 415 Hz).
We use the following timbers for the production: bubinga, oak, almond, boxwood, olive, blackwood and jujube, according to availability. The instrument comes within a soft pocket and includes the metal neck (tudell). The double reed is not included in the price.


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Manufacturer: SANS
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