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The sweet shaped Galla is a traditional oboe (with cylindrical inner bore), fitted as well with double reed.
The main difference between the simple shaped and the sweet shaped Gralla is in its length (it is a bit longer), the bell is lightly curved and the inner bore is narrower, which allows a more attenuated sound with more balanced harmonics and more nuances (piano forte). The sweet shaped Gralla allowes the sensible SOL note: FA#. Two, four, fife and eight keys can be mounted to the instrument.
Standard tuning is SOL4 (LA 440 Hz o LA 415 Hz). Two chromed keys are mounted (F, E). 
We use the following timbers for the production: bubinga, oak, almond, boxwood, olive, blackwood and jujube, according to availability.

The octave key was invented by the luthier Francesc Sans and can be mounted on all instruments that have not yet been equipped with.
Instrument comes with soft case and neck. Double reed is not included, please choose your preferred reed. Production time approx. 2 month.


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Manufacturer: SANS
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