Galician Bagpipe 2 drones (Code: GG08)

2 drones

847,00 €

Incl. 21 % TAX

GAITA SANS basic model.
Bagpipe with 1 pipe, ash wood, tuned in C. Without decoration rings.
Bag from synthetic material, black cover velvet like, black fringes.

Gaitas SANS, professional model:
- Goretex bag with textile cover, velvet like, black cord fringes
- Ash wood
- 2 pipes, 3 parts, with decor rings in black horn imitation. Black cord fringes. Connections between the 3 parts by synthetic cork for better adjustments. Synthetic long life reed. 1 stopcock for close the drone sound if preferred.
- Chanter C tuned, (finger chart closed and finger chart open), with decoration ring of black horn imitation.
- The blowpipe mouthpiece can be replaced. Synthetic cork for better adjustments.
- Automatic 3-part blowpipe valve (optional), patented system by SANS, you can change the tonality of 1 full tone (for example from C to D)
- Standard tuning is C.

Comming Soon
Manufacturer: SANS
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