The Chalumeau is an antique woodwind instrument, member of the clarinet family, composed of an cylindrical inner bore and a mouthpiece with a single reed. The fingering is the same like the one from the German recorder and its use began in the barrock epoche up to the early classic epoche. It is C-tuned. Although it is built to cover one octave, overblowing the tone range can be more (*).The Chalumeua SANS (Pocket-clarinet) is an alternative instrument to the recorder and helps in a simple way to improve clarinet mouthpiece practice. Best for all those who loves this warm, soft sound. We produce the chalumeau in bubinga, boxwood and olive, as subject to availability. (*) Much wider tone range will be possible with our pocket-clarinet variation Chalumeau PRO (with 3 keys) or with the Clariphone.
The "big brother" of the Chalumeau... The CLARIPHONE is a woodwind instrument with clarinet mouthpiece and simple reed. It is invented, designed and manufactured by Frances Sans. It is an evolution from the Chalumeau, in which the fingering chart is modified, increasing the range of more than two octaves and a half, from B-1 to G2, without the need of any key. This instrument with the warm and sweet sound is directed to musicians who play woodwind instruments, especially clarinet and saxophone lovers and all the curious people who would like to discover this wonderful instrument. Tuned in C. We produce the chalumeau in bubinga, boxwood and olive, as subject to availability.
All the manufactory production from Sans Luthier has its base on a careful wood selection. We prefer to use Mediterranean wood types if possible. Due to the different characteristics of each wood, the instruments can show subtile sound variations. See the list on the right for your orientation.